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Installing MicroStrategy Office

MicroStrategy Office is a product that allows you to access, run, edit, and format MicroStrategy reports and documents directly from Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. From these Microsoft applications, you can connect to and browse any MicroStrategy projects to which you have access. You can then execute any reports, HTML documents, and Report Services documents into your workbook, presentation, Word document, or Outlook e-mail.

You may notice an Install MicroStrategy Office link at the top right of your MicroStrategy Web interface, depending on whether or not your Web administrator enabled it.

  • If you see an Install MicroStrategy Office link, you can click it to navigate to the MicroStrategy Office installation page. The page provides directions to install MicroStrategy Office, as well as information about system requirements for MicroStrategy Office. Click the Install button to begin the installation. When MicroStrategy Office is installed, a MicroStrategy Office menu item and toolbar appear in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, by default. To learn more about MicroStrategy Office, refer to the MicroStrategy Office User Guide.
    Note: When you install MicroStrategy Office, MicroStrategy Office is installed as a stand-alone product on your machine. MicroStrategy Office can be installed even if no other MicroStrategy products are available on your machine.

  • If you do not see an Install MicroStrategy Office link, your Web administrator has not enabled it, and therefore, you cannot install MicroStrategy Office onto your machine. If you have any questions, contact your Web administrator.