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Changing the report in Design mode

Changing the report in Design mode
When working in Design mode, you can make changes to a report's template or filter without viewing the data. This is more efficient than seeing the changes in the report immediately after making each change. Design Mode displays the structure of the document, or the placeholders for the document components, without the actual results. Use Design Mode to create and design a document or edit an existing document. You can modify and format the placeholders, but you cannot format Grid/Graphs. To format Grid/Graphs, you must switch to Editable Mode.

In Design Mode, the Object Browser panel appears on the left when you view the report in Design mode. This allows you to browse and search for objects to add to the report.

To change a report using Design mode:

  1. From the View menu, select Design.
    • If DHTML is disabled: Then click the Go icon next to the drop-down list. The report is displayed with only its headers.
  2. You can make these changes using Design mode:
To view the report after you made changes, click the Run Report button.

To save the report in its current format, click the Save Report button.

To cancel any changes you made prior to saving it, click the Cancel button.

Note: You may not have privileges to change a report in Design Mode. For more information, contact your administrator.