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What is the History List?
The MicroStrategy Web History List displays information about the reports, data mart reports, documents, and HTML documents you execute. Your administrator can set an option that selects one of the following methods for adding reports, documents, and HTML documents to the History List:
  • Every report, document, and HTML document is added automatically.
  • You decide, either during or after report/document/HTML document execution, whether to add that particular object to the History List.
Each row shows the report, document, or HTML document name and other information, such as the status of the request and the time execution started. You can access more information about a report or HTML document by clicking the corresponding Details icon . For HTML documents, you can also click the plus icon  and see its children reports.

An item in the History List with a status of Ready has been fully executed. Results are saved in the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server in a corresponding cache, allowing for quick retrieval of results.

How do I remove reports, data mart reports, documents, and HTML documents from my History List?
To remove items from the History List, either select the check box of the items to remove and click Remove, or click the Clear my History List icon, which removes all messages.

How can I sort my History List?
The History List can be sorted by Name, Status, or Message Creation Time by clicking the triangular arrow above the appropriate column. After sorting, the sorted column is identified by a white triangular arrow that indicates the direction the column is sorted. The arrow will be up if the column is sorted ascending; down if the column is sorted descending. If the same column is sorted again, the direction is reversed, as is the arrow.

What does "Waiting in queue" mean?
"Waiting in queue" is the status of a report that was submitted but is not yet running on the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. Execution begins when all reports ahead of it in the queue are finished or removed.