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Online help

How do I change the formatting of this report?

  1. While the report is displayed, access the Report toolbar if it is not already displayed:
    • DHTML: From the View menu, select Toolbars, then Grid.
    • HTML: From the View drop-down list, select Grid (under Toolbars), then click the Go icon next to the drop-down list.
  2. From the Autostyle drop-down list, select the style of your choice.
  3. If you do not have Dynamic HTML enabled in your user preferences, click the Apply Style icon next to the drop-down list.
You can also format specific parts of the report using either the Grid Formatting toolbar or the Grid Formatting panel (HTML)/dialog box (DHTML). For more information, see Grid Formatting.

How do I rearrange the rows and columns in this report?
You can use the Pivot buttons or if DHTML is turned on, you can drag and drop items. For specific information on how you can move items, see Data Manipulation.

Note: You can rearrange the report only if you have the necessary MicroStrategy Web privileges. For more information, contact your administrator.

How do I drill to other related data from this report?
You can drill to other levels of report data in these different ways:
  • Hyperlink drilling - If you have hyperlinks (underlined row or column headers) displayed in your report, the administrator has placed drill paths that you can follow from the report to drill into your data. If you move your mouse over one of these hyperlinks, a tool tip will appear, giving you information about the direction of the drill. You can also right-click on the hyperlink to open up a drill box with the different drill paths available.
  • Right-click drilling - (DHTML only) Right-click on an object to see the same choices that appear in the Drill panel. The arrow indicates whether that new attribute is at a higher level of information (drill up) or at a lower level of information (drill down). Click the More options... link to open the advanced drill panel for the selected object.
  • Simple drilling - Access the Drill panel to perform a simple drill to an attribute's immediate parents or children, selectable from a drop-down list. If you have the requisite privileges enabled, you can drill to multiple locations across hierarchies.
  • Advanced drilling - To use advanced drilling from a specific attribute, click the More options... link next to the specific attribute or metric within a simple drill. Drop-down lists then provide options to drill to another hierarchy or to different levels within the same hierarchy.
How do I reveal the data I cannot reach by scrolling?
If your browser does not display every column associated with a report, click the triangular arrow at the edge of the window to view additional columns. If your browser does not display every row associated with the report, use the incremental fetch links at the top and bottom of the report to view the additional rows.