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What are My Reports?
My Reports is a folder containing saved report definitions for a specific user. You can use it for saving personal reports that you do not intend to make available to other users. Within your My Reports folder, you can create subfolders that have the same security as the parent folder.

Note: You may not have privileges to see the My Reports folder when you log in to a project. For further information, contact your administrator.

What is a report?
A report is the displayed result of a report definition. A report definition is the information needed to run a specific query against a data warehouse. This information includes the names of attributes and metrics, the format of the grid or graph, and filter data. A report definition can include prompts for user input before the query is executed.

What is a document?
A MicroStrategy Report Services document contains objects representing data coming from one or more reports, as well as positioning and formatting information. It is used to format data from multiple reports in a single display of presentation quality. Most of the data on a document is from an underlying dataset. A dataset is a MicroStrategy report that defines the information that the Intelligence Server should retrieve from the data warehouse or cache that is available to the document. Other data that does not originate from the dataset is stored in the documents definition.

What is an HTML document?
an HTML document provides a container where multiple reports can be placed for display and distribution purposes. This container can also hold other objects such as prompts, folder contents, text, URLs, images, etc. The primary method of displaying an HTML document is HTML, which is compatible with Web browsers, e-mail, and Windows desktop applications.

Listed below are examples of items that can be included in HTML documents:

  • Reports, displayed in either grid or graph mode
  • Hyperlinks, either to other objects or to external web sources
  • Static Text, such as greetings
  • Static Graphics, such as pictures
What is a data mart report?
A data mart report is a special kind of report that saves its report data in a database rather than returning those results to the user. Data mart reports either create a new table in the database to store the report data or append the report data into an existing table.

How do I select a new project?
  1. Click the Home icon  at the top left of the page.
  2. Choose the project directly from the list on the main screen of the project (Welcome) page.
Note: You may have to log in again to gain access.

If you want to log in to another project manually, you can select the logout option, which disconnects you from all the projects you are logged in to and directs you to the Welcome page. MicroStrategy Web then requires you to log in again to access a new project. For more information on logging out, see Log in - log out - security.