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Online help

What are user preferences?
User preferences are settings that some users and administrators can make to control the behavior of MicroStrategy Web. You access user preferences by clicking the Preferences link at the top of the page. The left side of the Preferences page provides links to all categories of user preference parameters.

What does "Apply to ALL Projects" mean?
If this option is selected and the Apply button is clicked, the values of the preferences you have selected are applied to every project to which you have access. If this option is not checked, the values are applied only to the project that you are accessing currently.

Note: When you click Apply, the settings are applied to the project differently, depending on which of the following selections you choose:
  • Apply to all projects on the current I-server (Server name): the settings are applied to all projects, not just the one you are currently configuring. This is the default option.
  • Apply to current project [Project name (Server name)]:the settings are applied only to the current project.
What does "Load Default Values" mean?
Selecting this button loads the administrator's default values for this section of preferences. These values are found within the Project Defaults Preferences level. 

Note: These default values are not saved until the Apply button is clicked.

How do I cancel my changes?
If you have not clicked Apply on the Preferences page, the changes have not been made. To cancel the changes, click a page link to go to another page, or use the browser's Back button. Any changes you entered will not take effect.