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What is a report?
A report is the displayed result of a report definition. A report definition is the information needed to run a specific query against a data warehouse. This information includes the names of attributes and metrics, the format of the grid or graph, and filter data. A report definition can include prompts for user input before the query is executed.

How do I create a report?

To create a new report:

  1. Click Create Report on the main toolbar.
  2. Choose a predesigned report from the list or select Blank Report to create a report from scratch. 
  3. Select filter conditions (attribute qualifications, metric qualifications, or attribute elements) and/or objects (attributes, metrics, or a template) to be used as the new report definition.
You can create the report and either save its definition without executing it, or execute it without saving the definition. You can also save the report after it is executed.

Note: You must have the appropriate privileges to be able to create and save reports.