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Online help

How do I perform a search?
The Simple Search function finds reports (including data mart reports), documents, HTML documents, or folders whose names contain the text you enter in the Quick search field in the upper right of the page. When you click the Submit Search icon , results are displayed in the body of the page, listing all objects whose names contain the search text. Above the results, you can narrow the search (to return fewer results) by selecting to search only in My Reports or in Shared Reports, or by entering more or different text in the larger Search field. To return more results, try using a smaller portion of the name in the Search field. Click the Search button to execute the new search.

To use other criteria to search for a report (including a data mart report), document, HTML document, or folder, click Advanced under Search Details on the right side of the Simple Search page. In addition to the options available using Simple Search, Advanced Search allows searches by:
  • object type
  • date of creation or modification
  • owner
  • description
Note: You must have the appropriate user privileges to display the Search field.

What is the syntax for searching?
You can use wildcard characters, such as an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?) to represent one or more real characters when you are searching. Wildcard characters are often used in place of one or more characters when you do not know what the real character is or you do not want to type the entire name. For more information, see Search syntax.